Friday, January 30, 2009

Safeway deal

Hurry run, gather up the children(or beg the husband to stay home with them), everyone in the van, and go swiftly-stealthly,screw it, GET THERE NOW! and don't forget your ad. It is time to stock up on goodies, snacks, nibblies, whatever you call those munchies that we gnaw on while we sit in front of the boob tube.

On the front of the ad is a coupon for 4 -12 pks of Pepsi, Coke, 7up products (a variety will work with this) for $7.98 -but you are limited to FOUR. I was so excited, and we really don't drink that much soda. I also loaded up on 2 liters of soda- same varieties- if you buy 4 they are $.99 each and apparently there is no limit. We'll be going back tomorrow for more of the 2 liters. Next on the list was Lay's potato chips. They are on sale for $1.69 ea. I also loaded up on these. The kids love chips in their lunches and I like to indulge (on an entire bag) of the Salt & Vinegar. I LOVE THESE CHIPS, when I was pregnant with N, I was so sick with everything else, but I could live on S&V chips and Peachio's.

I'm not big on processed foods anymore, but I am more than willing to have the occasional yummy batch of BBQ crockpot lil smokies. They were on sale for 2 for $5 and there was a coupon in the 1/11 ss for $1 off when you bought two. If we don't eat them all on Sunday (SUPERBOWL) then they freeze well for another time.

I also picked up green grapes, they were $.98 lb.

I can't think of what else at the moment. I am sort of torn from working on this while Pineapple Express is on the tv. Gotta go, I haven't seen it yet!

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