Monday, January 19, 2009

weekend recap

Warning... no edits, pictures, or cussing

I took the weekend off to relax. HA! What a joke, there is no relaxing EVER in house with four kids.

Friday I made another batch of cinnamon rolls - these were a bit flat. They didn't rise vertically so much, but did horizonally. THEY WERE GINORMOUS!!! Notice I said "were" um... yeah. Did I mention they were big? Actually, I still have some left in the freezer, I packaged them up and froze to send to a friend, they will go out tomorrow(I hope), so we didn't exactly consume all of them. But, if they're here much longer they might not make it.

We took the girls out for a walk on Friday night. Yes, it was dark out and about 34 degrees outside. We bundled them up with tons of sweatshirts, coats, hats, and blankets. Tossed them in the jogger and walked all over downtown PA. Then as a treat to ourselves and to get out of the cold, we went for chinese. It was pretty good and they were fast. It was great 'cause the kids were going crazy and even their fishtanks weren't enough to entertain 1 & 2 yr girls. (m&z stayed with friends that night) so as soon as we were done we packed up the leftovers and piled the blankets back on the girls and walked back to the van. It was nice, chilly, but nice. My favorite saying of the night was n saying she wanted to hold the "rithss"- and it wasn't just once, it was many times.

Saturday night's dinner was taco salads- well, that was the plan but the kids had tacos on their mind so they heated up some tortillas and had those while j, l, and I had the salads. I also baked two loaves of bread on Saturday. One wheat, one white. The whole wheat is too dense for me, the white one was delish! It was perfect for butter and jam. The wheat I used up on Monday for filler in the meatballs.

Sunday, we picked a few things from the store. I didn't make it to Albertson's to do my stock up shopping- maybe by tuesday, as the sale ends then. We did however stop at our local Marketplace and picked up 20 lbs of fresh ground beef. So, Sunday was spent cooking up 5lbs ground beef to be packaged into 1 lb packages and frozen. I also packed up 12 1/2-1 lb loaves and froze those. I made two meatloaves (half ground turkey, half ground beef) for dinner and lunches. The remainder of the ground beef was made into meatballs and frozen. No baking on Sunday, but that was fine 'cause I was exhausted. Weekends are supposed to be relaxing, but I felt like I had no down time. Seriously, this mommy had to take a time out, to try and wind down. J was incredibly sweet and loaded up all the girls and took them to playland-yes, as in mcdonalds playland, and WORE them out!
Sunday night's dinner was meatloaf, boiled potatoes tossed in olive oil and herbs, and some of the sliced wheat bread-not bad with a meal.

Nothing too exciting today. J needed a serious haircut, and somehow I managed to convince him to cut it- well, at least the sides. Mission accomplished and the man cleans up pretty good. J and Z have a couple of projects planned so we did some running around to get a few supplies. They found a wood cigar box at an antique shop in PA and a couple of other things at a radioshack. They will be starting on their project this week, I can't wait to see how it turns out. Other than the usual crack-ups, temper tantrums, and hugs nothing out of the ordinary happened today. So, it was a good, no school day. Yes.

Tonight (monday) we had spaghetti with meatsauce and meatballs, salad, and toast. Pretty easy considering I already had the cooked ground beef in the freezer, and had just pulled the meatballs out of the oven. The leftover meatsauce will be used later in the week for baked ziti/penne. I was supposed to make a sheet of brownies today. The day got away from me, aka kids. And you know what it's okay. We had a great day.

As usual, the kids kept us on our toes, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

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