Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This weeks dinner menu: subject to change without notice

Mon: Pork chops (or chicken breasts for me), noodles w/ cream cheese sauce, and salad
Tue: Chicken Rice-a-roni & salad - using leftover chicken from previous night -got a screaming deal on rice-a-roni sat. and stocked up, so I'll try the homemade recipe I have another night
Wed: Soup/Salad/Sandwich night
Thu: Chicken Fried rice w/ shrimp -may try homemade miso soup
Fri: Taco Salads
Sat: Teriyaki Chicken w/ rice and salad
Sun: Meatloaf, mashed baby reds, and green beans

that's it! The only things that I will "need" to get from the store are ground beef - need to find it on sale and salad fixins (I like to pick these up as fresh as possible -so I don't buy for a week, I buy in the hopes it will make a salad or two and then replenish as needed. I also only buy veggies/fruit from our local market as I know it's fresh and from WA)

Also check out how much rice we are eating this week! We love rice and really could probably have it with every meal of every day. I buy this in bulk from Costco or from Uwajimaya in Bellevue, WA (it's an asian specialty food market).

If your interested in any of these recipes just leave a comment and I'll post it!

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