Monday, January 12, 2009

deals and death

Last Saturday I ventured out to see if I could catch a deal or two at our local Albertson's. DID I EVER!!!!
First off - sorry to just now bring you these deals, they end on Tuesday.
Okay, the first deal was that Pampers were 2 jumbo pack of cruisers (I think that you can also get swaddlers & whatever their pullups are. I usually use cloth, but have been known to slip the babe in these for shits and giggles) for $20. That's $10 each - I bought 3 bags for $30. I received a catalina -$10 save on your next shopping trip for buying $30 worth of P&G stuff (I think I was supposed to get $15, but I didn't have anyone to argue with) and then for spending $25 in baby items I got a $5 catalina soynt. So, I got the $15 for my next trip.
Then I went back in and bought a bag of toilet paper (name escapes me,something soft 'cause I hate using sandpaper) $10, a bag of Bounty paper towels also $10, and then I bought four packages of GoGurt they were 2 for $5 - I had a couple of coupons to add to these and then I picked up a filler (in case it fell under $30) of yogurt. The preceding items and they were again P&G products so it qualified for the spend $30 get $15 on your next trip cat. So again, I had another $15.
Came back through, and picked up stuff on my list - Kraft mac & cheese 10 for $10, Rice-a-roni was 8 for $10 (not the best price, but I had 2 coupons for $1.00 off of four) and when you bought 8 Rice-a-Roni/Pasta Roni products you got $5 off of any beef, chicken, or pork from the meat section! So, of course I picked up two packages of pork chops and ended up paying only $2.48 for 3.5lbs of chops! Darigold - if you spent $10 you got $2 off instantly so of course I picked up 2 sour cream-2 for $3, 2 cottage cheese-2 for $4, and two pints of chocolate milk at $2 each (I had originally planned on getting their 16oz bottles-10for$10- of chocolate milk but they were completely out, some b.s about flooding and I5 closed- whatever). I was also able to get 10lbs of boneless, skinless chicken breasts at $1.88lb, a beef pot roast also for $1.88lb. I had a coupon for Albertsons butter $1.49 each limit 2 - so I got my limit. Hunts Tomato sauce was 10 for $10, so I picked up 5. Now - there was also 2 double coupons and you could get up to a dollar three times. It's my understanding that different stores had different policies -some only let you have the up to one dollar total all doubles. Mine let me have up to one dollar from three separate coupons for the one. Get it? Nah, me either. Anyhow, I think that I did pretty well.

Grand total out of pocket: First trip $30ish (plus tax)
Second trip $32.21 (with tax)
Third trip $26.58!

- I saved: first trip $6 ish (lost my receipt)
second trip $10 ish (again, where in the hell do they go? Must be with the socks)
third trip ......... $98.01 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After all of my coupons, and the $30 in soynt cats (catalinas) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was by far my best trip. Yes, I spent $85ish , but I saved 114 ish DOLLARS!!!!! and I got a shitload of food and diapers. Woo hoo!

On another note. We now know what brought our stereo to it's final demise. A wee little plastic spoon to the cd player-it was sooo deep. The one N used to feed her babies with. Oh the humanity!

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