Thursday, January 22, 2009

What an amazing week! I totally forgot to post my menu for the week so I'll do that right off the bat.

monday: Spaghetti w/ meatsauce & salad
tuesday: swedish meatballs, fried potatoes (leftover from sunday) salad
wednesday: Veggie nite! Baked potatoes, salad, miso soup
thursday: crockpot beef pot roast/rice/broccoli
friday: baked ziti/penne (using leftover meatsauce) salad
saturday: leftovers (if any) or breakfast for dinner night
sunday: turkey mashed potatoes (this may change - turkey didn't taken out on wednesday)

Well, Tuesday was an emotional, hopeful, crazy day! Along with the inauguration, my kids have been crazy! The heavy fog and cold weather is taking it's toll. They are climbing up the walls! L is literally CLIMBING the walls. She is finding anything and everything and trying to get as high as she can! Everytime I turn around this child is up on a table, chairs, the t.v. cabinet if there something above ground level she is running around, pushing things around, trying to get up on it. All the while N is trying to help her.

A phrase that is new in our house and is a total crack-up and it is one that falls from the lips of N. "Wooka my got"

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