Monday, January 26, 2009

this week's menu and planning for SUPERBOWL!

Real quick I'm going to post my week's menu. We changed up last weeks a bit by not having turkey on Sunday night. It was a good thing too, there was a bad accident on the way home from picking up the kids so J and the big kids were pretty late, the turkey would have been too much. I make taco soup this weekend for a soup swap today(monday), and I made extra for our freezer. So, J had some of the soup and the big kids had some leftover pasta from the other night.

Monday: Pizza - original plan was homemade, but costco had a deal and I picked it up
Tuesday- Tacos
Wednesday- it's J's birthday so we're either going out or having his choice
Thursday- Veggie night again! Potatoes/salad/or whatever veggies
Friday- Beef gravy over mashed potatoes & green beans
Saturday- Pork and yakisoba noodles w/ veggies
Sunday- SUPERBOWL and we're having turkey and lots of other apps(no special premade)

I will go to the store on Wednesday to hit the sale so I can stock up on a few items. Otherwise, I am determined to make all appetizers for Sunday with what we have on hand. We'll have meatballs, veggies(will need to pick these up), these neat little chicken tortilla roll-ups that I found a recipe for in one of the inserts, cinnamon rolls, brownies, and whatever else we can come up with. We usually don't have people over, but I may invite some random person over that we've have met a couple of times. J and I need to start mingling with the locals and this is a good opportunity.

J and I would like to go out more, but it's a bit difficult when we've got the four kids and we don't know anyone. So, if anyone knows any local babysitters that are willing to watch a houseful - send them my way!
I will update more later, and post the recipe for the roll-ups. Have a wonderful day!

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