Wednesday, February 11, 2009

my return from the underworld

After taking a brief siesta from the internet in general, I have returned! I'm not promising daily updates - but who really wants to delve that deep into my life. Really.

I've been trying to figure out where I really want to take this - sharing of info, experiences, life stuff... and I've concluded that, I really don't know yet. So, I'll continue with what I've been doing and see where it takes me. You and me, kid. We're going places.
I will try and organize the chaos better. Maybe have Monday always be my update of the weekend and our weekly menu post, with recipes to follow during the week. I'm hoping that once a week I can post a new foodie recipe and maybe a crafty project. Let's see!

I've been obsessing the last couple of nights, staying up late, reading Craft magazine online. I love this website and the blog is pretty awesome too. J and I got hooked on Make magazine a few months back and then I found Craft. Really, I don't know what I was doing before this. There is tons of different projects and the ideas that people come up with are INSANE and yet quite ingenious.

While, J has already subscribed to Make and picked up a couple of the back issues, I am left to fantasize and wish on the first star of the night. But, I am totally digging this stuff, and for now - as it is with most moms, we come last- I must wait to get Craft for myself. Basketball, Baseball, Valentine's Day, birthdays are coming and therefore I am in the backseat until this season passes. hmmmmm.... until then I can daydream and surf!

Moving on from the pity party.

A couple of weeks back I made up an entire month's menu and it was incredibly easy. As I had done in the past, I typed up all of usuals and favorites and then numbered them, entered it into 's list randomizer. It was easy peasy. I had meals for a month, and with only a few repeats.

This week is kind of wacky, Z has a half day on Thursday and both M & Z don't have school on Friday so we're heading to nana & papa's for the day/weekend. I will share more after the holiday weekend. It's a doubly thrilling weekend too! It's Valentine's Day and President's day all rolled in to one exciting package! Woo hoo! So I leave you with this special message - Happy President Valentine's day weekend!

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