Thursday, February 12, 2009

dates, presidents, hearts oh my!

Okay craziness is my life and another chapter starts today! Much running around will happen today, starting in about five minutes! As I lined out yesterday, we are heading out today for the weekend and umm... I get to go on a date this weekend! What will I wear? Do you think he'll like me? Oh, what if my hair is frizzy? What will I ever do? Seriously, I don't think I could ever go through that again. The thought that I would have to spend more than 2 minutes fretting over that stuff would put me over the edge. I've got better stuff to worry about, like who's missing the potty in the middle of the night or didn't change out the toilet paper last. I'm just glad that he still looks me up and down when I'm in my flannel jammies, with that crazy look in his eyes - and no, it's not the "what in the hell is that?" look. My parent's have agreed (with some bribing of course) to watch the kids for us. We haven't been on a date in over 2 years. I haven't seen to a movie in... umm... you know what, the last movie I saw was Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby YIKES! Okay, I think we need to go see a movie!

The rest of the weekend will be up in the air - which is so fun! We love to fly by the seat of our pants! Considering we haven't been out to visit family and friends since before Christmas, we'll definitely be doing some visiting! So watch out people we know - we're coming over!

I hope that you have a fantabulous long weekend - we will!
Happy birthday President Abraham Lincoln - it's all about you today man!

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