Tuesday, February 24, 2009

in the field and not at playland

The baby cows are cute. They're my best friend. I want to go to their house.

Um... How exactly would you respond to this. I agreed that they were cute, and asked her where did you meet them. She stated that she met the baby cow, whose name is Elena, at playland and that she lives on the slide. Hmmm... She then insisted that we go immediately to playland. I then had to inform her that mommy was not in the mood for McDonalds and that the baby cows were in the field and not at playland today.

And amazingly, she left it at that.

Wow. I love how her little mind works and where it goes. Not to mention that at a mere 34 months, her imagination is on fire!

Get up each morning knowing that baby cows are cute and then drop it like a dead fly.

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