Sunday, January 31, 2010

woo hoo Safeway! Run!

Okay, so I'm going to share my deal today and it might be a TODAY ONLY deal.

In this week's circular there was a coupon for .99 bags of Doritos. You are limited to 5 and you must spend $10. It is only good on Saturday and Sunday. Here's what we did. The plan was we were going to pick up a bag of navel orages at $4.99 and a value pack of ground beef at $1.99lb. That was until we saw that the 5 lb chubs were on clearance for $2.99 EACH! I grabbed three to get our minimum for the Doritos. I'm hoping that it will still be the deal tomorrow morning when I go back 'cause I'm loading up.

Typically I don't buy the chubs from the store as they are fat laden. 20% fat is not my cup of tea, especially when I can go to Costco to the butcher shop and ask them for a 10 lb chub of 99% lean ground beef at $2.00 lb. Usually, the chubs at the big box stores are on sale for around $1.99-$2.49lb. BUT I can live with the draining of fat for $.60 a pound!

I should note that all Safeway stores do not carry the same clearance deals, but they had the regular area where they have the ground beef and an end cap area for it so there is lots at the Safeway in Sequim.

Check it out, you just might be able to hit up this deal too.

Have an awesome Sunday :)

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