Friday, January 29, 2010

I am exhausted. I am so tired and worn out that when I do get a chance to relax or sleep it isn't enough.

It's not that my kids don't sleep, they do, but it's not enough. For some reason the younger two have decided that naps are just not for them. At two and three, I know better than they do, that they do indeed need a nap. Not just for my sanity, but it's also in their best interest. Who are we kidding, they don't care. They just want to eat, play, poop, play, eat, poop, and play again.

Naptime is a daily battle in our home. Natalie has no desire to partake in the festivities of naptime, she doesn't fight it and will lay in bed the entire time. Sometimes quietly, other times not so much. But, go for a ride in the car in the time frame of naptime and she crashes, not gently either -she crashes hard. Lucy on the other hand will fight me until I just can't deal with her anymore. We've tried everything -literally everything out there. Occasionally, she will fall asleep after much struggle, and lay down with me. But the moment I move, her eyes pop open and she pops out of bed. -As I type this, it is supposed to be nap time and I'm fighting with them yet again.

I've been told that maybe they are just done napping, but really they are an absolute mess in the evenings if the don't sleep for a bit. So, right now I am sitting at the table in their room, listening to the pleas, the cries, and the negotiating as to why they don't want to sleep and why they should be out playing instead.

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