Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lost in Translation

I find myself repeating things over and over again lately. I don’t know if it’s me that is not speaking clearly or if my children are just not listening to me (I’m positive it’s the latter)

Example: Tonight, I watch Natalie (3) run up and push, an already running, Lucy (2) to the ground -cartwheels follow along with tears. Of course, I do my usual nagging -don’t push your sister, don’t push anyone. Not two minutes later she comes tearing through the kitchen and pushes Mariah (13) as she’s trying to put away dishes. AGAIN, I have to repeat myself and sent her to time out. At this time all hell unleashes and she’s a whirlwind of arms and legs and tears and high pitch wailing. Moments later I find myself going over a similar situation with the 10 & 2 year olds. I don’t get it.

I really hate it when my husband can respond with such force and fury that the children just melt into a puddle of tears and really all he’s done is just given them the “eye”. Not a word or movement. It takes every ounce of my being just for the kids to notice that I’m even in the room, and he bats a lash and they snap out of it.

Gaarrrr….. Yes, all pirate style. This is a daily battle and I’m trying to overcome it.

Now, I’ve worked on our menus for the next month and while from time to time they will change without notice, the following is for this week:

Monday: Egg burritos and pears -throw your kids off and in lots of veggies

Tuesday: Grilled Cheese sandwiches with tomato soup -someday I’ll make our own, for now we thank Campbells

Wednesday: Spaghetti, French bread, & salad - we do not serve jar sauce here, you can do it!

Thursday: Chicken skewers, rice, & broccoli -marinated chicken in yoshida’s or soy sauce

Friday: Homemade pizza - kids get cheese pizza, adults get chicken pesto w/ cream sauce YUM!

We are set to be gone this weekend so I didn’t schedule any dinners.

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