Monday, January 4, 2010

Resolutions.... resolve

I’d love to say that I am confident, that I believe enough in myself to have at least one resolution that I know I can keep, but the fact is, I am not.

I wish I could say, I’d love for this to be the year that I can finally feel well enough to stick to something, anything. Whether it be a new diet, exercise plan, or give more time, anytime, to myself.

I wish that I had enough faith in my doctors, the ones that I trust to care for me, to make the proper decisions in my healthcare.

I’d hope that by deciding that I’m going to put my family first, doesn’t make me selfish. Just because I don’t come visit or call everyday doesn’t mean I’m not thinking of you too.

I’d hope that when I say “I don’t feel good”, or “something hurts” that I be taken seriously and that I’m not trying to drum up attention. I rarely make anything about myself.

I take full responsibility for my mistakes when I was younger and those in the future. Although, I don’t see them as mistakes, just lessons learned.

Now with all of that aside, I can now say...

I will work on my self-confidence. I am worthy, I am imperfect, I am me.

I resolve to lose weight. I miss my tight yoga ass.

I resolve to eat somewhat healthier. Notice the “somewhat”, there are somethings that I will never give up -coffee and breads

I resolve to become more active with my children. I'm with my kids 24/7, but not always mentally.

I resolve to be a better partner to my husband. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to bend over backwards babe, but will definitely work on it.

I will take time for myself. Mama needs a pedicure.
What will you decide to do?

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