Monday, January 11, 2010

turn of events?

I’ve been torn lately as to which direction this blog should take. Originally it was thought that I would share my adventures, ideas, and life by using coupons to live frugally. Here is where I am torn; coupons are typically for items that are processed and mass produced. I enjoyed picking up my cheap often free shit from the grocery stores. But my family has been moving closer to a lifestyle in which we make most food items we consume from scratch and locally grown. We are also planning on turning our little half acre lot into our own food producing mini farm. Mostly gardens to start, and hopefully introducing chickens/goats in the future. Our own little homestead on the Olympic Peninsula.

I still save and double up on coupon circulars, watch the store ads, and even print up coupons on occasion, I just don’t frequent the big box stores that often or crave the processed foods. Really, I only go to Costco -to stock up on things- and a little country store called Sunny Farms. Unfortunately, very few coupons are exchanged at either. So, as we focus our attention on here for a more local feel with recipes and pure & utter homesteady goodness, I will occasionally tell you about deals, steals, good feels I come across.

With much love,


  1. This sounds fun and exciting! You could sell all your free crap to fund your farm :) thanks for following (I am Collin's Wife) Also did you go to MOPS at Alderwood? I feel like I have seen you somewhere.

  2. Thanks Amber. I think you might have something there with being able to fund my farm with my freebies. I have not been to the Alderwood MOPS, I find it interesting that someone is out there posing as me though :)