Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a quick two week menu, more to come

I'm starting a little late with the menu for this week and next -hopefully I can get some pictures posted of it when I make them.

Monday, April 5
Chop Salad - leftovers from Easter, there were none so we just had a giant salad :)

Tuesday, April 6
Crockpot Chili and cornbread

Wednesday, April 7
Chicken Rice a Roni - someday I'll perfect a homemade recipe, until then it's boxed

Thursday, April 8
Wet beef burritos

Friday, April 9

Saturday, April 10
nephew's first birthday party -HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHILIP!

Sunday, April 11
undecided - something easy since we'll just be arriving home

Monday, April 12
Taco Salads

Tuesday, April 13
Chicken sandwiches, ala natalie with homemade french fries

Wednesday, April 14
Baked Macaroni and cheese with ham -maybe, we've got doctor's appointments in Seattle

Thursday, April 15
Nacho bar

Friday, April 16
BBQ'd pizza -this will be a first for us, can't wait!

Saturday, April 17
leftovers/new recipe

Sunday, April 18
Keilbasa and eggs

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