Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I've never liked oatmeal. Perhaps it was the texture of the mush or the creepy resemblance to frog eggs, or who knows I was a frickin' kid.

Recently, I've had this odd craving for a good hot cereal, but I hate buying the processed crap at the store. So, this mama went to our local country store and bought some organic rolled oats from the bulk bins.

I'd seen on the webs somewhere, a recipe to make it in the rice cooker. So, high and low I searched and found many. Realizing it wasn't difficult to figure out, I threw some together one morning and to my utter suprise it was exactly what I'd been craving! It was creamy, and warm and the texture wasn't at all what I remembered. The smell was heavenly and it emanated through the entire house.

Here's how I did it:

2 cups of organic rolled oats
4 2/3 cups (approx.) water
a pinch of salt

All into the rice cooker and turn that sucker on. About 10 minutes in, open it and give it a good stir. Close it back up and about 5-10 minutes later it'll be ready.

Add cream/milk and whatever topping makes your heart sing. For me, it's brown sugar -oh it's a beautiful song. About 3 (tee hee) bowls worth.

That's it kids. Easy peasy!

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  1. yum! i hated oatmeal as a kid too, even well into adulthood. but now i love it. i go in phases, sometimes it doesn't feel like enough protein for breakfast, other times it fits like a glove. i've been making mine in my electric cooker lately too, works a treat.