Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dinner Menu Plan

Once again, I am lame. I am admitting this only because I said that I would post pictures of my food, and I haven't. It's just by the time I'm finished making this shit, I'm so damn hungry that taking out the camera just seems like too much trouble. And quite honestly, I don't even think about it until there's no food left. Sorry.

and now, The Menu, Madame/Monsieur

Sunday, June 6 - Crockpot Dinner -tater tot casserole

Monday, June 7 - Salad -surprise me!

Tuesday, June 8 - veggie panini's & salad

Wednesday, June 9 - taco soup in the crockpot

Thursday, June 10 - baked macaroni & cheese

Friday, June 11 - pizza/pancakes *that is and/or

Saturday, June 12 - leftovers/new dish

Sunday, June 13 - Crockpot dinner - french dips

Monday, June 14 - veggie pasta salad w/ keilbasa

Tuesday, June 15 - homemade chicken noodle soup or warm chicken pasta salad

Wednesday, June 16 - chicken yakisoba & veggies

Thursday, June 17 - marinara & noodles (meatless)

Friday, June 18 - pancakes/pizza

Saturday, June 19 - leftovers/new dish

and now for a recipe!

meat -beef, chicken, lamb, pork -what have you and slice thin
lettuce -torn up
tomato -sliced
onions -sliced and grilled if you like
greek seasoning (i found this awesome shit at the store)
tzatziki sauce (I'll post this soon or you lazy asses can pick it up your favorite at the store)
pita bread (store bought or homemade, I'll post a recipe soon)

We used beef and sliced it up sort of thin. Pound the living hell out of the slices and then sprinkle some seasoning on it and pound it up again.
Cook the meat up -you can use your grill, a cast iron pan, panini grill, George Forman, a hot side walk to your liking (white meats should be thoroughly cooked).
Grill up your pita bread. We've used our griddle(most effective for us), the panini grill, pizza stone in the oven, cast iron pan, or grill. Grill 'em up nice and toasty on both sides.
When everything is ready, start layering! I usually put a few pieces of lettuce on the pita, then the meat, then a couple of slices of tomato, NO ONION for me, but have at it!, then the mother load of tzatziki, because I love that shit. Then kind of roll together and chow down.

you want one now, don't you?

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