Monday, May 10, 2010

peace be with you or wif u

Well, I'm sorry. I abandoned my 9 followers for approximately 10 days. My sincerest apologies.

Now, moving on from the groveling crap. We've had a very productive couple of weeks here at the Cross Compound. We tore out more trees, we built our pea/bean trellis and prepped and planted the bed, we had a birthday party, put up trim in our living/sitting areas, and started laying the brick around the house. All the while, the camera was AWOL. Yep, sorry yet again, no pictures.

I did prepare our dinner menu through the Fourth of July and I will share a whole two weeks with you now.

Sunday, May 9 - Keilbasa with Macaroni & cheese and biscuits

Monday, May 10 - Veggie casserole

Tuesday, May 11 - grilled turkey & cheese paninis and tomato soup

Wednesday, May 12 - chicken tacos

Thursday, May 13 - Spaghetti & salad

Friday, May 14 - homemade pancakes

Saturday, May 15 - leftovers/new dish

Sunday, May 16 - crockpot beef pot roast & taters

Monday, May 17 - caesar salad

Tuesday, May 18th - crockpot minestrone soup & rolls

Wednesday, May 19th - beef teriyaki and white rice

Thursday, May 20th - taco casserole

Friday, May 21st - pizza

Saturday, May 22nd - going out to eat :)

There you have it! I'll be posting my yogurt recipe fail & tweaked with version soon! Also, be on the look out, I'll be posting about my adventures with "no poo" and using the OCM soon!

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  1. tee hee! "no poo" referring to using no shampoo.