Monday, February 15, 2010

Where did February go?

Seriously, I don't know what I've been doing, but I can't believe it's more than half over. We all know I haven't been here.

Last week I went with Zakery on a field trip to the Port Townsend Marine Science Center. Here's what I learned from this. Fifth graders are not my favorite people, especially sixty of them. Two hours on a crowded bus, someone is bound to get sick, and that someone is me. We ended up with the bus nazi -it was frightening, and you don't mess with the bus nazi. Don't delete pictures while a high energy activity is going on -the end result is devasting (yes, I accidentally deleted all my pictures dating back almost a week, and included our super bowl weekend party with our families!).

Yesterday did it in for me. I think I'll be calling my doctor tomorrow to up my happy pills. I've had this annoying reminder that kept popping up on my laptop from Windows, telling me that it needed to update, and it automatically started while I was using it. Needless to say my OS never returned. It's in this awful rotation saying that it encountered an error and will restart in 24 seconds, and then it repeats. The last time I did a back up was well over a month ago and I'm sure my hard drive is shot. Can you say dark days? Yep, I can't access my recipes, my pictures, my bookmarks or favorites! Oh the humanity! My poor daughter is having to share her laptop with me right now, and I'm sure she's gritting her teeth.

I will try to update with our menu's tonight or tomorrow, but there won't be any pictures. Sorry.

Until then you can enjoy a wonderful blog with lots of recipes & pictures -my new favorite to check in on is The Happy Housewife - you won't be disappointed.

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