Monday, March 9, 2009

snot for glue and a menu

Can kid snot be used as a substitute for gorilla glue? Seriously, I think the only thing that will get it off of my kids' face is by sticking their heads under a hot fire hose, heck, even then the pressure may not be enough. I wonder if I leave it there, if it will fossilize and tomorrow we'll find a little bird or lego guy's remains in there. Maybe a hammer and chisel will get it off. I'll be right back.

As I sit here watching Ghostbusters with my little girls (yes, they love, and we don't mean this lightly, L-O-V-E this movie)I'm listening to the kitty purr in my ears and catching the snow fall outside the window. I'm so glad that I had the day off.
Yes, this is the road I live on- but I was too lazy to go out and take a new picture this was taken one of the many times it has dumped on us the last couple of weeks.

Moving on.

Here is this week's menu for anyone interested in what we are eating.

Monday: Crock pot meatloaf potatoes and green beans
Tuesday: Homemade pizza
Wednesday: Taco Skillet (loved it so much we're doing it again!)
Thursday: Swedish meatballs w/ noodles/potatoes/rice
Friday: Teriyaki chicken w/ rice and salad
Saturday: Pork chops w/ yakisoba noodles
Sunday: baked macaroni

I am making my cinnamon rolls right now and will attempt to make these rolls from The Frugal Girl later this afternoon. I'm pretty confident that I will succeed but I do have two tired girls who don't want to give up tugging at my pant legs. sigh.

Oh, just in time. One of the legs on the ikea chair keeps coming loose, I think I'll just grab a kid and wipe their nose on it.

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