Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's day! and a Monday Menu

Well, we had a successful Valentine's Day at the Cross compound.  The festivities started last Thursday with Lucy's preschool party -and while she had been counting the days until her party, I believe she was a far from impressed with how it turned out.  For one thing she was under the impression the Valentine's Day party would focus on her, not the other six kids in her class too.  And secondly, she thought that it would continue on forever.  She felt that EVERY DAY should be Valentine's day.  Bring on the chocolate!

Today was Natalie's preschool party, as it should be, on Valentine's Day.  I must say, since when did Valentine's Day cards/candies turn in to full blown gift/swag bags???  Hello, a four year old does not need, nor should anyone receive this much candy.  I'm trying to get away with a few chocolates and an itunes card at home and you all are sending full size candy bars, toys, baskets, jewelry, spa days and Starbucks gift cards home with my kid(okay, slight exaggeration there at the end), but seriously, how can I compete with that?  Oh, and guess what the camera battery died.  Who knows when, but obviously sometime after Lucy's party -it was probably shocked by all the shit they received.

Tonight we take it easy, and will not be eating the traditional Valentine's day grub for dinner.  We won't be indulging in filet mignon, baked lemon herb crusted salmon, or even heart shaped pizzas.  Nope, it's our Meatless Monday night and so we are having a giant delicious SALAD!  Hmmm.... hear my heart singing?  Yep, really it's singing, and those are tears of joy, not sadness.

As for the menu... here goes

Monday: Big ass salad!

Tuesday:  Ham & Cheese Panini's and soup

Wednesday:  Chicken Quesadillas & salada

Thursday:  Lasagna & salad

Friday:  Pizza or Pancakes

Saturday: eating out with family -we'll be out of town through Monday :)

Peace and love my friends.  Lots of dancing hearts -with hoola hoops.

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  1. I went to Abby's Kindergarten V-day party and seriously?! I was so glad I was there to rein in the damn candy binge! Can we stick to cards. . . JUST cards?! Abby got a candy-kabob. For reals. Bleh.