Friday, June 17, 2011

miss me yet? I'll be extending that sabbatical

I've been missing for a bit.  Working on some personal illness issues, and a few other things that have come up.  I'm going to be unplugging for a bit.  It's time for me to slow down again, re-evaluate where I'm at, and how that works with what road I want to be on.

Am I crazy?  Maybe.  I can't imagine not being online.  In fact, I don't even want to promise that I won't be here, facebook, or other blogs next week.  I just feel the need to back away for a bit.  I find myself sucked into the next best thing, every day.  I love all of the information that is out there and I want to implement it all into my life.  But, I've found that I'm "researching" more than I'm sharing.  My bookmarks are out of control, seriously, tasteology is dangerous.  I haven't the slightest idea what to write about for my next addition to even though I've tried many new things since my last article.  I'm might take a break there too.

I feel burnt out.  My eyes hurt.  My brain hurts.  I probably don't remember half of the stuff that I've crammed in my mind over the last week.  But it's all been amazing, I'm sure of it.

Can I do it?  Sure. Will I stick with it?  Hopefully.  If anything, I can re-evaluate what's going on with me and just slow down.

much love -