Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy AUGUST! and where did our summer go?

I've been contemplating a boring blog post for a while now. You know the kind that really has no meaning or benefit to anyone except for the writer? Yep, that's the one, and this may be it. I usually enjoy the month of August, but we're coming up on the half way point and I feel like it hasn't even begun. Blame it on our lack of a summer season, me feeling under the weather, or just that life is going by too fast.

My oldest two children have been gone since the fourth weekend in July and don't return until this weekend. I have missed them so incredibly much. I may have days were I am beyond frustrated with a certain teenage girl or the tween boy who on occasion likes to press my no-no buttons. I've been doing this shared summer for the past ten years and it hasn't gotten any easier on me. The day they leave, I begin my countdown until their return. To top everything off, Zak broke his hand right before he left. So, I haven't even got to see him in his cast yet. Mi so sad.

It's been rather depressing, the weather and all. We had a few awesome days at the beginning of July, and then gloomy. I mean, we live in Sequim and really we did okay for the sunshine part of it, but no where it usually is. My garden is suffering hard from it too. Well, either it's the weather or that my black thumb of doom has returned.

our sad, sad garden
one of many sad tomato plants -it did give two beautiful tomatoes before dying back

And I discovered this blessed soul. More to come on this little piece of heaven.

hello beautiful

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