Saturday, September 19, 2009

I've been lost, stumbling mindlessly

seriously, the past three weeks couldn't have been any stranger. One week after Zak's chicken pox started, Lucy broke out, uh, that's putting it mildly, the pox unleashed on this child. She was blistered up one side and down the other and places where no one wishes to have them or anything...ever. Then just two days later Natalie broke out, and to not be outdone, Lucy broke with more. Natalie missed her first day of Preschool, actually her first week, but we played it off like it was preschool that was delayed another week. Sneeky, I know. Needless to say, we have ventured out and we definitely get the looks for Lucy -all scabby and cute. Alot of people asking if she's got chicken pox, we just look at the funny and nod. What would they do if we said no? Then this last week, Lucy started breathing funny-wheezing kind of, and her chest/stomach were doing this teeter totter thing. We took her to the pediatrician and they said that she was having an ASTHMA attack! I couldn't believe it. They gave her a treatment in the office and it seemed to help. They assured us that she'd be okay and that was it. No info. No reason. Just scooted us on our way with a prescription for Albuterol.

But no more than two hours later we were sitting down to dinner and she started again. It was frustrating because we couldn't give her more medicine for another two hours. We called the after hours clinic and they told us to take her in to the Emergency room. Well, at about the same time some jackass from California decided to go tearing through Port Angeles in his pick up truck, side swipe a jeep and then cross the center line to drive head on into a commuter bus. What does this have to do with Lu going to the ER, you ask. Well, the commuter bus had PEOPLE in it and they made it to the ER and were apparently in worse off condition than a baby who is struggling to breathe. FOUR hours later babe is seen and multitudes of tests are run and the results are that she doesn't have pneumonia, flu, swine flu, and no bacterial infections. Thanks.

Next batch of craziness is just so crazy that I can't really discuss it yet. I mean, it's just so mind numbing that you would probably just pass out from the thought of it, either that or we'd have to send the aliens over to your place. Or kill you, but I don't want to go there. I will go into further detail after paperwork has been filed and possibly have a website set up so I can send you there.

Lastly, what the hell is it doing? I mean we are already more than halfway through September already! We have volleyball under way, preschool going, and birthdays coming soon! The next three months will be even crazier with all the birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Which comes to a complaint I have, WHY oh WHY must people be born around the holidays? I really wanted to make some homemade gifts this year and already with the house, school, and now our new big investment I'm finding a bit difficult finding the time for this. Maybe I'll do something little to go along with the other stuff. I have been dying to bake stuff so this past week I've done snack cakes, cookie bars, rolls, bread sticks, a loaf of bread, and more cookie bars. I've also done really well with the dinner menus and will post this past week's and next week's menus tomorrow.

So, I just finished up yet another batch of cookie bars, this time they were oatmeal scotchies and I have sweet'n sour meatballs in the crockpot. Husband and I are going to primer a wall so we can paint it this obscenely dark color, probably to just to mock it and reprimer and paint again. So, I will leave you with just some pictures and probably leftover chicken pox scabs. yum.

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