Friday, August 14, 2009

wow. ramblin'... yah, I'm that bored

I really don't have much to report this time. J's mom came out on Wednesday and she started work on the big kids' room. I had primed it earlier in the week for her and she painted 2.5 walls pale turquoise and the closet a shimmery violet. We'll finish the other wall before they get home on Sunday. She also picked up some fun bedding for their beds. Bright colors to contrast the walls -yeah, it means we're starting to settle in!

We are battling bees, wasps, the devils bug, whatever you want to call them -we've already had our bug guys out and sprayed the ones on and directly around the house, in fact they come once a month to bomb them buggers. But we discovered a lovely hole in the yard a couple of weeks back and the effers won't die! We've tried everything from wasp spray to stuffing a rag down the hole, drowning it in bleach, then adding ammonia to it to try and suffocate them with noxious fumes -per my farming uncle, he claims that would knock 'em dead. Then J wild hair up his ass and decided on a blustery evening to get out the Wd-40 and blast them w/ some flames! The result wasn't so much as dead bees, but the yard on FiRE!!! We ran around and got it out with a broom and hose, but they were still alive so since we already had the hose out, we shoved it down the hole(s), yes multiple holes. By this time they had decided their main route wasn't working anymore so they made more... The flooding seemed to work - we also did the humane thing and added soap, because it seems so much more nicer with bubbles. We've done that a couple of nights in a row and I think their gone! Either that or their moving in with the neighbors. Sorry Frances. You can have 'em Olga, you 'ol bag.

Tonight I hit up twitter. I went through and adopted some new friends. I am positive that they will adopt me back -Brad and Angie can always use another rugrat, either that or they won't even notice that I'm around. Regardless of who is following me I am a frequent tweeter - not so much when I'm out, but when I am home and on the putah. So please follow me!

I have nothing else to share tonight except this one tidbit I found online tonight. I stumbled upon King Arthur Flour while looking for a baguette recipe... I CAN'T Wait to try this one out! It looks so delicious! If I have time tomorrow we'll see. Oh shit. I'm out of flour. I wish somewhere around here sold King Arthur's in bulk, so I'll just go down to Sunny Farms and get some organic bread flour from the bins. I don't know if I can sleep now I am so giddy with excitement!

Peace my friends - sleep well and have a most enjoyable weekend

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